Good SHoW-3


Who is the SHoW (Super Hero of the Week) this week?

Who else can it be? It should be none other than the one who is hosting the December 17th event... Mr. Gopal de Lalgudi!

BTW - though we are all Indians and we are proud of being so, the event is going to be on Dutch system. Please co-operate! "Share and care" is the caption (part of our logo) of our group!

So it doesn't mean that the host is going to sponsor the event. If Satyu is adamant about sponsoring the party (because of his birthday this week), we will evaluate the option of allowing him to pay!

To keep you guys updated about the progress - Gopal has been talking to me every night about the event and he has already started working on some plans. He would keep two big canes of drought beer ready (only to start with... that's not all for the whole party!).

As I said in the pervious mail - he is the guy who made "drink and drive" and "drink and work" officially accepted in BC. A drop from his philosophy rain is "office is the most personal place for me and work is the most personal thing in my life!". He used the bars in Hosur Road to build teams and relationships. He was building bridges between all disconnected islands as he is doing this weekend between ex BCians. The only difference is that the current bridge is between physically isolated islands and what he used to do then was between professionally isolated ones. He was even trying to build bridges between horizons. It may not be inappropriate to call him "the bridge" of BCians, like "the wall" of Indian cricket. As Joshua himself has told me once "one good thing that happened to us was Gopal's joining!". He has always been energetic and enthusiastic to do anything strange and good. I have even told him "you are the most eccentric fellow I have ever met!". We can even call him Mr. "Eccentric". His contribution to the BC family would always be remembered with a lot of gratitude... We use this opportunity to honor him for that!

Business as usual! You are the best business man I have ever seen too! :-)

So... shall we call him Mr. "Business Magnet"??? This seems to be much better than all other names, isn't it? This is making a lot of sense personally and professionally. He is surely a magnet in any and every business he does. When it comes to sales - he is a guy who can sell comb to bald old men. "What will a bald old man do with a comb?" (This is how we think!) "He will give it to his grand children!" (This is his way of thinking - doing business! Simple funda, no?)

But how many names can he have? Shall we give all the names to him? Or which is the most suitable one for him? Your advice and suggestions are sought... Please respond!

I can write a book about Gopal and my observations about him as a very close friend of him. Considering the various constraints let me conclude here...

Personally for me, he has been a great friend, philosopher and motivator at thick and thin times. Take it from me - when you really feel dejected, down and sick in your life, please give him a call and meet him. I am sure you would see a sudden positive change in your condition. Might be, that's what is keeping such a powerful business magnet!!!

1. Raghuraman Kadambi (Mr. Heartthrob)
2. Padmanaban VP (Mr. Padhu Jackson)
3. Sri Gopal De Lalgudi (Mr. Business Magnet)

Good SHoW Gopal!

So, we can expect Gopal to get selected as the best employee very soon in his company too?

Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow in Gopal's garage - unregistered head office of ex BCians!!!

e-BOG (ex BCians Oscar Group)


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