Good SHoW-22


It's all about numbers. It's numbers game everywhere. Anything without numbers is not accepted as fact. There is nothing called "good" or "bad" in assessments. Be it in business, sports, performance appraisal, or quality. If you can't back with numbers, you are ridiculed and any good statement of yours is rejected upfront as non-sense.

We very often tend to claim and have fights over things like "our company is doing well", "Ganguly is a better player than Tendulkar", "I have done a great job and I am the best resource in our project/ company" or "we have always delivered quality products to our customers". At the end of the day, it's only the numbers that tell the truth or believed upon. Every other statement without numbers is rubbished because they might be told out of vested interests or blind biases.

Politics is the place where numbers are misused and cricket is where they are overused. No other game gives statistics like "this is 11th time in the history of the game to score 200+ in Bangalore while batting first in a day-night match, which started after 3 PM and when the maximum temperature of the day is below 30 degrees in the past 20 years against England when an non-English is captaining the team" or "this is the 4th time the bowler is spitting in the direction of north in his 4th over in the first spell during the second session after the tea break".

Inspired by the cricket statistics, I thought of identifying our SHoW (Super Hero of the Week) today based on some funny number-based criterion. It's our veteran Vinayak (veteran might hurt him because it might give a clue about his age:-)... again a numbers game!) who has reached an important milestone. On what? It's certainly nothing about his age or the number of girls he tried to flirt. He has a hit a century... it's 103 days since we got his last mail.

What is the big deal about Vinayak being quiet for 103 days? There are people who have never made any noise since the group was started or they joined the group. Yes, there is a difference. Someone said "if a dog bites a man it's an event; if a man bites a dog it's news". In those lines, Vinayak keeping quiet is unusual and it's undoubtedly the 8th wonder in the world. What is "right" with you Vinayak? Pls start being yourself from this moment...

PS (for those who don't know Vinayak): Vinayak is a very decent - energetic - young (as young as Shah Rukh Khan or Amitabh Bachchan) man of our times. He loves to hate those who treat him as an elder. Hence we would like to crown him with the SHoW name Mr. Young!

Cumulative Summary:

1. Raghuraman Kadambi (Mr. Heartthrob)
2. Padmanaban VP (Mr. Padhu Jackson)
3. Sri Gopal De Lalgudi (Mr. Business Magnet)
4. Arun Kumar Mishra (Mr. Great Wall of Microsoft)
5. Radhakrishna Da Magane (Mr. Mannina Maga)
6. Kinshuk Banerjee (Mr. Dada Boy)
7. Iqbal (Mr. Manjunath)
8. Bimalendu de De (Mr. Dumeel)
9. Vinod DB (Mr. RDBMS)
10. Rabijit (Mr. Cool)
11. Suresh Lakshmanan (Mr. Dance Dance)
12. Umashankar (Mr. Umma)
13. Suresh Ramaswamy (Mr. Noble)
14. Satyajit Kunjur (Mr. Simple)
15. Sateesh Kumar Ayyapu Setty (Mr. Okke Okkadu)
16. CM Gururaj (Mr. G ji)
17. Arul Benjamin (Mr. Big Brother)
18. Vijayakumar Ponnuswamy (Mr. Courageous)
19. Shree Vidhya Sharma (Ms. Perfectionist)
20. Moses (Mr. Joy)
21. Leo Felix (Mr. Small Brother)
22. Vinayak (Mr. Young)

Those who have no clue about what this SHoW business is all about, please refer for the history and geography of it...

Thanks & Regards,
e-BOG (ex BCians Oscar Group)


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