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2G - The Caste Dimension!

There are various groups having varied opinions about the current political crisis in the country caused by few corrupt politicos. Each of them views it from a different angle depending on their own area of interest. Some say that this has exposed how Indian politics is being controlled by the large business houses. Some others say it could not have been done by one minister for his wellbeing and there would be a huge network behind him (well beyond the historically corrupt political family and the party controlled by them).  I see some logic in these two views. I think that they are true as well.
What boils my blood is this. Some shamelessly justify the corruption and feel proud about the number, too. It’s their way of showing their loyalty to the party that threw some peanuts (please write to me if I can call it something else to make them look very cheap) to them in some form whenever it was in power. When the common man thinks ‘if I am getting the share from what was looted I have…