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Today, both in politics and other related public lives, people shamelessly justify and talk aloud about things that are unacceptable to anyone that has commonsense. The only reason for that is that they just look at the end benefit that they would get - after doing all their personal calculations. It's a kind of business mentality. Even businesses are being run more honestly by some people these days. It roots from two things - 1. One's own selfishness, and 2. The confidence that many other selfish people also would support their stands. Having no respect for neutrality and not knowing its importance are the root causes.
Some people say that there is no place for neutrality in politics as politics in itself is about choosing one over the other. Is neutrality good? What is good for democracy? Is being a fanatic supporter of a party and its leader despite all sins that they commit until they do their murders and rapes in my own house good for democracy? Or, is being neutral abo…