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Sama, Dhana, Bedha, Dhanda...

Sama, Dhana, Bedha, Dhanda...

Have you heard these words anywhere? I recently heard them on a television movie. Though I have heard these words many times before, I was tempted to contemplate more about them this time.

In any conflict, you should go in the same order, they say. Sama first, which means equality. Give the other person equal share or respect during negotiations. If that doesn't work, go for the next one - Dhana. Dhana means giving. Giving little more share... not giving up everything! If that also doesn't work, go for Bedha. Bedha means discrimination or warning. Start treating the other person differently and warn them that there is a limit to anything. When none of these work, what you should do is Dhanda. What is that? Take an iron rod and beat him on the head in a way that he would never be able to get up - to continue the conflict. But, be very careful about one thing - he also may have an iron rod with him.

What if I go for the second one straight? People …

Whats, Whys, Whens and Hows of My Blogging

Mr. Hariharan Valady, one of the fellow bloggers, has reached his silver jubilee in blogging (Valady Views). He has reached the milestone of his 25th post today. The title of his 25th post is ???. That's it. Just three question marks. But, inside he has posed a lot more questions to his fellow bloggers. Let us congratulate him for reaching this milestone within such a short while. He has actually done it in two months. Great strike rate, right? I could have posted my replies as a comment under his post, but that looks bigger than his original post itself. So, decided to put it as a post itself on my blog. It also increases the count by another number in my blog, right? Here you go...

Below are the questions that he has asked himself. Let me answer them also from my perspective first and then get into the questions that he has asked us - the fellow bloggers...

Q: What motivated me to write my first post? 
A: I always love writing. I used to write a lot in Tamil. But, I started bloggi…


When nothing works out
And no one helps out
When there is none to share
And not even one to care
When cornered to an edge
And all decide to ditch
When things become hopeless
And life becomes meaningless
Self-cide becomes best-cide!

We say, inability to live is cowardice...
They say, ability to die is courageous!

Allowing mental stress to become physical mess...
Heart disease instead of self-decease...
Are they sings of courage?
They ask!

If euthanasia is mercy killing
Why not self killing?
When pain starts to ruin...
They question!

If there is no licence to kill myself
Where is the permit to harass myself?
They wonder!

Solution to a problem...
Solution becomes a problem...
Solution to one
Problem to many!

Solves one's troubles...
Dissolves n's dreams!

We hear so much political speeches, spiritual addresses, literary commentaries and philosophical lectures. Each of their speeches are special for their own reasons. Some speeches emit fire; Some speeches are thundering; Some speeches are full of information, Some speeches are full of satire and sarcasm; Some are like music - so sweet to hear; Some are full of quotations from all across the world. Thus, each type of speech has its own beauty.

More than all these, I love the blabbering of drunkards and mentally retarded people. Some people are so gifted that anything they speak is very clear and attractive. I just love to keep quiet when they speak and watch. It's a feast to ears. It's those people who become orators when they get right opportunities. But, there is another group of people who just don't like to speak normally, but once a glass of liquid goes inside they rock. I wonder, 'Where was he keeping all this intelligence for so long?!'. So much information, …