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College Life - Aditanar College, Tiruchendur (5/6)

The Language Problem
If you split Tamil Nadu into four regions - North (Chennai), South (Madurai), West (Coimbatore) and East (Trichy), South is the most backward region of them all. North is worse than South but the presence of Chennai in North compensates it. The West region, which is called the Kongu region, has always been a wealthy region. They have a lot of opportunities for business and education. There is nothing called East region but the Cauvery Delta region which includes places like Trichy and Tanjore districts could be called so for the sake of convenience. Even they have a rich lifestyle, a lot of opportunities for education and great interest for arts such as music and dance. Madurai and the South region below that is a dry area with no good facilities for education and is mostly rural areas. The biggest village in India, Madurai, is the capital of the region. I think, Madurai could never be considered as a city though it is big enough to be called so. The people of sou…