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The Change

Life was horrible until 2005. There was absolutely no time for anything personal. Work was the most personal thing in life. Though I am calling it horrible today, it wasn't that horrible to be drowned in work then. I only hated those who talked about work-life balance then for their inablity to go the extra mile, which gave me many frequent hikes when I was badly in need of them.

The career change that happened in 2005 promised a lot of time for things that I love to do. Got excited with the concept of blogging and started off very happily with it. It continued for some time in some or the other form. Then there was a lesson that said no job is peaceful for too long. There are places that do even the easiest jobs in the toughest ways. The same role that promised so much of free time took away all the time that was available.

Some players prove themselves by providing the best possible outcomes whereas there are others who do the same thing by putting in the best possible efforts…

Bye for now...

(The mail sent while moving out of MQ team to join the Consulting group in Wipro)

My dear friends,

Every dog has its day. It’s my day today.

I have a dying passion for writing. I am not sure if you have that for reading, especially reading my writing. However, I have got a lot to write. I unusually have a lot of time to write as well. Have consciously tried to talk less of myself in order to get the most of yourselves many times. Don’t know how much successful I was on that, though. But, this time I will end up talking more about me than others, as it happens to be my moving out. So, I urge each one of you to add your bit so that I go out as a happy person with a lot of fulfillment. This piece of scribbling could be taken as a token of appreciation and thanking for all that you gave me during this valuable three years, too.

The journey just concluded has been highly eventful as most of you would know. Each one of you have been part of one or many of those events. Some of you have been…