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UPA-2: My Picks

As suggested by Shambu the unique, I am breaking the last post into multiple pieces. It was too much in a single plate to swallow and digest. It was all the more messy as it was garbled like noodles. Let me try to bring all the discussions around personalities to this post with little more clarity.

Would love to talk about as many personalities as possible across parties. But, Congress being the single largest party that is part of the ruling coalition, we may restrict our discussion only to the top Congress leaders. May be, later on a different post, we shall talk about the others also. So, how many in the current government are promising leaders? In my opinion, it is worth talking about only these leaders below. Most others are mediocre or below average politicians, just politicians not leaders. I am surely open to revisit my thoughts based on your feedback, if I have missed out any.

Obviously, the first and foremost is Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, the all rounder. He is the only efficient…

Left, Right and Center!

Irrepective of how much ever irrelevant they have become in Indian politics today, having grown up in a Left background, the inclination towards them is still alive to some extent. The background usually makes you blind towards the bads and retains only the goods in mind. It reflects in all thoughts and discussions. But, in recent times, the reasons to hate the communist parties are becoming stronger than the ones to love them. Even today, they are the most self-less, least corrupt, and probably the only group that has the ability to talk about all national and international issues irrespective of which side they are in (may be being Left is naturally about not being at the right side!). Though they have done nothing to eradicate hunger, they are the only ones that think about it and built all their philosophies based on that. A real communist understands a fellow human being's "material" problems better than anyone else. May be, the safron group might claim now that th…