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Why do you send human beings to destroy other Gods?

Anniversary Musings

Is it your lover that gifts for your birthday as well as their birthday?
Then your love will be a success!Is it your spouse that apologies for their mistake as well as your mistake?
Then your marriage will be a success! :P


Do they just see things? Don't they also show many things!


One came saying
He is hungry and he needs foodAnother came saying
He is hungry and he will die of hungerThe first one got food
And the next one got death

Physical Pain

There is a way to share the mental pain today
Will there be a technology some day to share the physical pain as well?
When that happens, what will happen?
Will relationships get closer and tighter than before?
Or will they start running away from each other?


If it keeps itching on the outer layer of your body it's skin disease!  If it keeps itching inside your head it's mind disease!!


Illiteracy is a disability!
Reading between lines is a disease!!


Which is the best part of education? It is that teaches us habits that can change our lives, right! I learnt something of that sort in recent times and I have been jumping up and down in ecstasy after learning it - in last few weeks. What is that? Is insomnia an issue in your life? Are you someone who can't fall asleep as soon as you fall on your bed? If so, this is for you. It is the remnants of the thoughts from the day that doesn't allow people to sleep peacefully in the night. It is just like the background processes that run in a computer. Dr. Weil has a solution for this problem. It helps us fall asleep just like our computer that hibernates as soon as we press the power button without being worried about the processes running in the background (I can see that someone is controlling their urge to say, "No, it's not any Dr. Weil's. It's an invention of our own forefathers from thousands of years back". Whatever!). I want to share it here because I b…

The Pain of Separation

The pain of separation is like that of skin disease...  The memories of togetherness are the fingers that scratch and soothe...

Thanks to the three days of travel to Netherlands...

International Mother Language Day

Heard it was International Mother Language Day today. I am not very fond of this kind of days that are celebrated every second day on calendar. But isn’t it good if that can result in something good?! That way, we shall welcome and celebrate this day. All over the world, most of the countries are language-based. So that makes those languages safe. India is perhaps the only big country, which has so many languages and so plural. I am not sure if we really understand the importance of plurality of a nation for it to remain one nation forever. For some reason, we Indians don’t understand that the right to learn, speak and be able to work in one’s own mother language is one of the top most fundamental rights. Most educated Indians think it’s narrow-mindedness to ask for education and job in mother language. India perhaps is the only nation on this planet that has such a colonial mentality even after so many decades of self-rule. On the other hand, these elitists think that we would becom…

My Dear Friend and Brother Purushothaman!!!

My dear friend and brother Purushothaman, In next few hours, you would have physically left all of us. But you will live in many of our hearts forever. We may not be able to retain the same pain and distress forever but all of us will keep thinking of you very often or some of us at least once in a while. Everyone will have their own reason to remember you. I have mine as well. Personally, for me, this is the closest untimely death I have seen in my life. Most of us would have had an experience of losing a close friend in school days. But I have never had one. You are not my childhood friend, you are not my school mate, you are not my college mate, or you are not even my bachelorhood friend. However, you had a better place in my heart than many of those friends. The only reason for that is, your innocence and credulity. That is the reason why I had an opportunity to stay with you during my last couple of weeks in Singapore after leaving my family in India. It’s those two weeks of clo…

A good business opportunity for Facebook and Google

I see a good business opportunity for Facebook and Google. All over the world, all the most important news are hidden by the useless noise created by the paid media. Today, individuals use Facebook and other social media to bring out some of those news that are consciously ignored or suppressed by the media. Going one step ahead, what Facebook and Google can do in future is that they can systematically bring out those news in a much more structured manner and publish them to their users so that the real important news would come out and those who make their living out of lying will lose their relevance slowly. It may not be possible overnight though. With sustained effort, they can make it possible!
Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai - Are you game???