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Which is the best part of education? It is that teaches us habits that can change our lives, right! I learnt something of that sort in recent times and I have been jumping up and down in ecstasy after learning it - in last few weeks. What is that? Is insomnia an issue in your life? Are you someone who can't fall asleep as soon as you fall on your bed? If so, this is for you. It is the remnants of the thoughts from the day that doesn't allow people to sleep peacefully in the night. It is just like the background processes that run in a computer. Dr. Weil has a solution for this problem. It helps us fall asleep just like our computer that hibernates as soon as we press the power button without being worried about the processes running in the background (I can see that someone is controlling their urge to say, "No, it's not any Dr. Weil's. It's an invention of our own forefathers from thousands of years back". Whatever!). I want to share it here because I b…