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Burning the Bridges

A friend of mine used to often say "burn the bridges". What is "burning the bridges"? It just means, forgetting the past - the past relationships and memories. It's mostly referred to as a thing with individual relationships but I think it's a loaded statement with a bigger meaning. It's not as easy as it sounds. Though I don't believe in the concept of burning the bridges much, the idiom did seem to be attractive to me. It's not that all of us have to be ready to burn our bridges always but it "is" an important thing that some of us have to learn to do. It would be good in the long run if we could do it easily in certain aspects of our life. I have not been very good in doing that nor do I find it very difficult always. I don't know how good or bad you are in doing that. :)

All our literature and movies keep reminding us not to forget the past. They have made even those of us who hate our native places and people out there to lik…

Same Language

Same language
Same words
Same letters...

How's it that
They take different form
Depending on who is it from?
Like water taking the shape of its container!

How's it that
Some people deliver so powerfully?
With the very same things...

How's it that
Some people create so much new?
With the same old stuff...

Some instigate revolution against governments!
Some incite riots against communities!
Some screw up peaceful marriages in families!
Some can make us snore to death!

Some leave them like air and ocean
Not trying to take anything from
Not trying to give anything to
Thinking they have no power!
Not really knowing their power...

All they do is some unconscious consumption
Like that of air and ocean!