Same Language

Same language
Same words
Same letters...

How's it that
They take different form
Depending on who is it from?
Like water taking the shape of its container!

How's it that
Some people deliver so powerfully?
With the very same things...

How's it that
Some people create so much new?
With the same old stuff...

Some instigate revolution against governments!
Some incite riots against communities!
Some screw up peaceful marriages in families!
Some can make us snore to death!

Some leave them like air and ocean
Not trying to take anything from
Not trying to give anything to
Thinking they have no power!
Not really knowing their power...

All they do is some unconscious consumption
Like that of air and ocean!


  1. I liked this poem. How language can be used is like fire probably. Whether we use to cook or to set fire something depends on the way we use.

  2. Thanks so much, Sahana. Every time I post something with this label "poetry", I anxiously start waiting for the first comment, thinking that some day someone is going to tell me, "what crap are you writing in the name of poetry?". So far, no one... and today... for sure there is at least one person who liked it. Happy weekend... for both of us!!! :)

  3. And, yeah, fire is the best thing. You made it complete!

  4. superlike...powerful words :)

  5. This is something Bharathi :) Impressed.

  6. Thanks so much, Chintan. Happy end of weekend. :)


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