We hear so much political speeches, spiritual addresses, literary commentaries and philosophical lectures. Each of their speeches are special for their own reasons. Some speeches emit fire; Some speeches are thundering; Some speeches are full of information, Some speeches are full of satire and sarcasm; Some are like music - so sweet to hear; Some are full of quotations from all across the world. Thus, each type of speech has its own beauty.

More than all these, I love the blabbering of drunkards and mentally retarded people. Some people are so gifted that anything they speak is very clear and attractive. I just love to keep quiet when they speak and watch. It's a feast to ears. It's those people who become orators when they get right opportunities. But, there is another group of people who just don't like to speak normally, but once a glass of liquid goes inside they rock. I wonder, 'Where was he keeping all this intelligence for so long?!'. So much information, philosophy, teasing, comedy! I am addicted to their speeches.

Likewise, the mentally retarded people also have so much philosophy. Looks like they have more clarity about life than us in many areas. They have an opinion about everything that they see and they comment about each of them. Even we may have those comments inside, but they don't come out. We feel so happy to hear something that we have thought of but hesitant to express. A statistics says one third of humanity is lunatic. They say that there are two categories of them - full time and part time lunatics. My goodness... even here! This one third consists mostly of the latter category - part time lunatics.

Another thing - When those who generally speak clearly don't speak so, it's called blabbering. When those who generally don't speak much speak out their mind, that is called blabbering too. So, the definition of blabbering is not depending on what you speak but on the speaker's background, context, and the listeners' background. If we don't understand something, we call them blabbering, too. If someone has an opposite view to ours, we call them blabbering, too. If someone has an opposite view to ours on an important issue, even on other issues... irrespective whatever they speak - even if it is the same thing as what we say but in different words - we ridicule them and call it blabbering. We also try to prove that what they say is actually blabbering.

What makes one blabber? What makes us enjoy blabbering? What makes us blabber is the restrictions that our society has put in, which discourages us from talking whatever we feel like. When we get an opportunity, our mind wants make full use of that. What makes us enjoy blabbering is, when someone speaks about something that we already have in our mind but we were hesitant to express we enjoy them. If I have to tell you the same thing differently, blabbering is natural; speaking is artificial. What has been going on from the day the first man was born is blabbering; What we learnt in between is speaking. The current blabbering is different from the stone-age blabbering. I should say, this blabbering was learnt in between in medieval period. But, it was an invention before speaking. I even wonder if that long lasting relationship with blabbering is what makes us blabber and enjoy when someone else does it.

Not all speeches are straight forward. Many people speak with hidden agendas many times. We mostly don't understand why they speak like that. When that is understood they get caught. When we don't understand them, we call them blabbering, too. Some people don't even understand their own hidden agendas. They are actually more intelligent than us. Smarter lots! You may call them subconscious agendas. Their subconscious mind works in lightning speed to calculate what is good for them and change their stance accordingly. When we don't understand them, we call them blabbering, too. Those who are smarter than them catch them very easily.

So, blabbering is not just blabbering. There are also other meaningful speeches that hide behind this wrong name and cheat us. It's a mask for some people. So, we can't ignore all blabbering. It's important to observe the blabbering as well. Even they have hidden meanings. Even they have hidden reasons. And, hidden agendas!

Everyone blabbers; children blabber; elders blabber; lunatics blabber; sages blabber; drunkards blabber; averages blabber. So, it's not a reserved behavior for any particular group of people. It's unreserved and public. All can make use of it. Some people do it always... Some people do it once in a while...I am doing it right now... :)

Wondering, "What a blabbering..."??? :)


  1. What did this post do now? :P
    Yes, some speeches have hidden motives and agendas. But, don't you think we feel someone is blabbering when you are not interested in their talk.
    When somebody is talking well, when we are listening with rapt attention, we just cannot notice how time flies.
    When it is reverse case, we will yawn, we will think of possible ways to elope :D

  2. Hmm... Title of the post answers your question, I guess... :)

    Yes. That could be an addition. "When someone talks something that doesn't interest me, it is called blabbering, too!". :)

    And, thanks for reading the post so patiently and the comment... :)

  3. blabbering as the subject of a blog post!! interesting. & well written too

    i too love it when people who are drunk start blabbering. its insanely funny. my father used to sing Hindi songs! but Sathya doesn't :(( no matter how drunk!

    i agree with the mentally retarded people talking sense logic

    one request: can you pls remove the word verification for comments?

  4. Thanks Sujatha.

    Yeah, there are many people who start singing or speaking in other languages when they are drunk. :)

    Word verification is removed. Thanks for letting me know. I never thought this irritant was on in my blog, too. :)


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