When nothing works out
And no one helps out
When there is none to share
And not even one to care
When cornered to an edge
And all decide to ditch
When things become hopeless
And life becomes meaningless
Self-cide becomes best-cide!

We say, inability to live is cowardice...
They say, ability to die is courageous!

Allowing mental stress to become physical mess...
Heart disease instead of self-decease...
Are they sings of courage?
They ask!

If euthanasia is mercy killing
Why not self killing?
When pain starts to ruin...
They question!

If there is no licence to kill myself
Where is the permit to harass myself?
They wonder!

Solution to a problem...
Solution becomes a problem...
Solution to one
Problem to many!

Solves one's troubles...
Dissolves n's dreams!


  1. permit to harass yself.....hmmm never thought on those lines. nice poem. wonder why suicide is punishable under law!!

    shouldn't the word "live" in the first para be "life"? - just wondering

    the poem is a serious one. the image evokes laughter.

  2. Thanks Sujatha.

    Yes. It was a typo. Corrected it. Thanks for pointing out. I made that mistake while changing "lives become" to "life becomes". Thought removing one 's' in one place and adding another in another place will do, but it didn't. As we know, English is not that straight forward, right? :)

    I did think of it but went with a funny picture because some pictures that I considered initially were horrifying. Anyways, changed it now. It's neither funny nor horrifying now. Hope this is better.

  3. nice one....
    @Sujatha... suicide isn't's attempting and failing to commit it that is punishable :p

  4. Thanks Sub.

    Actually, it is the only crime for which you get punished if you fail to do it... :)


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