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As we have talked enough on feminism while crowning Vidhya. Let's extend it little more. Let's talk about motherhood this time. This, I think, is the most relevant week to discuss about it because we are crowning our SHoW (Super Heroine of the Week) for being promoted as mother.

Ambrose Bierce rewrote the meaning of Sweater in his dictionary as follows:

Sweater, n.: garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly.

Do we really have to discuss about motherhood any more? There cannot be better explanations about Sweater and Mother. That is not a single line, but an essay!!!

Sobia -

There is something that I am going to tell about you, which you may or may not have heard of. When I first saw you in BC, I said Venu that you looked like my mother. After that whenever I saw you I used to tell him "hey... she looks exactly like my mother". I think I have told Raghuraman also once. You just look like how my mother used to be in my childhood. BTW - I am not getting sentimental here:-). It's just that I have a habit of correlating faces and behaviors to relationships. When I see some people, they look like my brothers. Some look like my uncles. I just feel like calling them anna, thambi or mama. BTW - Padhu (I call him thambi) doesn't fall in that category. There is a different table story for that. This was the first time someone looked like my mother. But I never felt like calling her "amma":-)! I think this is a big psychological phenomenon to be studied. I won't be surprised if Sigmund Freud had written something about this also. I think everybody would have experienced something like this. But I am not sure. See... what a coincidence! Today I, on behalf of the ex BCians group, am crowning you for becoming a mother. :-)

It's also relevant this week for another reason - fat Amma's (though I don't like calling her so) fate is also going to be decided this week.

You also deserve this for standing-up and asking aloud "why there are no girl-SHoWs?" As you wished we selected a girl sometime back and now you yourself have been chosen as one.

Our best wishes on behalf of the group... do let us know the name of the baby!!!

Cumulative Summary:

1. Raghuraman Kadambi (Mr. Heartthrob)
2. Padmanaban VP (Mr. Padhu Jackson)
3. Sri Gopal De Lalgudi (Mr. Business Magnet)
4. Arun Kumar Mishra (Mr. Great Wall of Microsoft)
5. Radhakrishna Da Magane (Mr. Mannina Maga)
6. Kinshuk Banerjee (Mr. Dada Boy)
7. Iqbal (Mr. Manjunath)
8. Bimalendu de De (Mr. Dumeel)
9. Vinod DB (Mr. RDBMS)
10. Rabijit (Mr. Cool)
11. Suresh Lakshmanan (Mr. Dance Dance)
12. Umashankar (Mr. Umma)
13. Suresh Ramaswamy (Mr. Noble)
14. Satyajit Kunjur (Mr. Simple)
15. Sateesh Kumar Ayyapu Setty (Mr. Okke Okkadu)
16. CM Gururaj (Mr. G ji)
17. Arul Benjamin (Mr. Big Brother)
18. Vijayakumar Ponnuswamy (Mr. Courageous)
19. Shree Vidhya Sharma (Ms. Perfectionist)
20. Moses (Mr. Joy)
21. Leo Felix (Mr. Small Brother)
22. Vinayak (Mr. Young)
23. Sobia (Ms. Amma)

Those who have no clue about what this SHoW business is all about, please refer for the history and geography of it...

Thanks & Regards,
e-BOG (ex BCians Oscar Group)


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