Good SHoW-2

Hi XBCians & ABCians (in Romance),

This is SHoW time again. Within our group, we have many groups. There is one group of people who have been very active from the day 1. They are the ones who have been keeping us entertained and together all along. Hats off to them! There is another group of people who just don't like participating in all these. For them - life is much more than yahoo groups and fun. That is called the gentlemen's group. Let them remain gentle as always. Let's not disturb them. The third group is the hesitant group. This comprises of people from generation next, the younger ones and the ones that spent a very short time in BC (who will not know many people). They might be thinking "Why should we unnecessarily get into all these? I don't know most of the people in the group and vice versa. Let the senior guys talk and do whatever they want. Let's continue to enjoy as spectators". This is not a project meeting where your ideas will have an effect on your career. All need to speak out. This is high time that we think about a paraigm shift. To encourage the younger generation to be participative, I have two options now. The first one is to announce someone who has been very participative from that gang to motivate others also to be like that. Then it should be obviously our young and energetic boy Kinshuk. Other than his hyper active participation there are 9 other reasons why he has to be the SHoW this week. Our moderator Suresh has already shared some of them with us. The second option is to choose some people who have been very quiet and forcing them to perform. This is like sending Irfan Pathan one down. So the idea now is "either you come out of your shell and speak up or we will drag you all out to the street one by one and strip your shirts (nothing more than that) off. Mind you - there is no reservation system. Merit will always be respected. If you perform you will surely be rewarded... sorry awarded (influenced too much by the management talks:-)).

So the SHoW of the week is going to be someone from the silencers group. Not to compromise on the merit, we also have to evaluate the achievements of the nominees. Going by that, we should not have any problems in identifying the SHoW this week because there is only one guy who has achieved something significant in the week gone by. That is none other than our Thambi - Best employee of Datacons - Padmanaban VP. He doesn't need an introduction again now because it was already done last week. Now it's time for his gang to overwhelm him with their wishes.

What I know from my side about him are plenty (we are now staying together as well). Some of them are as follows:
1. When you have too much of money what do you do? Rather what will any average ex BCian do (As far as I know even now no ex BCian has so much of money)? Guess what Thambi does... Shopping...? No! Sends home...? No! Puts in fixed deposit...? No! He calls up all his friends in his contacts list and asks each one "Do you want any money? How much do you want?" and immediately transfers how much ever you want (now I know all of you are very keen to meet him this week end and get a place in his address book). These days nobody gets such calls from him because when he comes to "B" series and calls me I ask him "how much do you have?" and get the whole amount transferred to my account. Have any of you ever met a guy like this?
2. Thambi is a very romantic fellow too. Raghu! You can get a lot of info and ideas on Romance from him. But he claims that he is yet to meet his dream girl (like many of us do). Don't believe him. It's just that he is a very shy character like me. :-)
3. He is a very good dancer also. He was even named once as "Padhu Jackson". You will get to know his dancing skills when we meet this week end. Kinshuk and Suresh L! Watch out... you have a competitor now. He SHoWed one of the best performanes during one of our night outs (now you know what we were doing in BC staying all nights). Gopal & Raghu! That was as good as the item number that we played. But it was classical Bharatnatyam. I can bet if there was a professional Bharatnatyam dancer that night, he/she would have committed suicide for Thambi's performance. He doesn't limit his customization only to his coding. He expands it to whatever he does. Be it dance, exercise, whatever... FYI - he was honored in one of the bars in Mumbai for his exceptional dance performance. That was not Bhartnatyam by the way. Sandeep V Nijagal (still a BCian. We are ex BCians but he is "y BCian still?") has witnessed that.
4. We all know about Mumbai flood ravages. But do any of you know why or how it happened? It was because of the tears shed by Nandalal when Thambi left. He is a very very very close friend of Nandalal. People who are close to him say that he is a different man now after coming back from Mumbai. I have also noticed a lot of changes in him. Our friends Saurabh Mulye, Umesh Patil, Kaustubh Date, etc. seem to have influenced him a lot.
5. He has become very health conscious now. On week days, between 6 PM and 8 PM - you cannot find him anywhere other than i-flex gym. Believe me... he doesn't go to gym to see the girls who are coming there (like many of us do). He is seriously into building an athletic body.

If any of you know anything other than this or want to add to this, please feel free to do the same...

Good SHoW Thambi! We are proud of you. Continue to excel in whatever you do and be the best employee of whichever company you work for in future too.

Cumulative Summary

1. Raghuraman Kadambi (Mr. Heartthrob)
2. Padmanaban VP (Mr. Padhu Jackson)

See the similarity - both of them have been the best employees of their respective organizations...

e-BOG (ex BCians Oscar Group)


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