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How was it?

I got two invitations in this week. One is this and the other one is of Moses, our SHoW (Super Hero of the Week). It was indeed a 'short but neat' invitation, with an expectation of a 'huge but neat' crowd:-). Moses weds Joy tomorrow (pun?!). So he will be a joyful man from tomorrow... Hope this mail serves as a reminder also for his wedding. Don't say "I left early on Friday and could read it only on Monday" please... Let's make his life joyous by presenting our presence in the Infant Jesus church tomorrow at 4 PM.

Moses as an ex BCian is still remembered for all his new initiatives in system admin team and for his extremely cool temperament. As we were saying last week, just like any other admin team members, he is also a very popular personality. Hope we can catch up with a lot of ex BCians of multiple generations tomorrow. It was during his tenure that we used to have 1-hour browsing every day after 6 PM. Then it was shifted to 5 PM because the people who left at 6 PM could not make use of the facility. Though the start time was 5 PM on dot (otherwise, the whole of BC would be standing in front of his room with stones and swords), he could never disconnect at 6 PM. Every one had a reason to stretch it for 10 more minutes. In some systems, it was very slow. In some, it never loaded the site. For some, the IE itself was not getting loaded. That is when I used to admire Moses, "how the hell is this fellow keeping every one happy and joyous?"

Then the management realized (!) that we were all using the internet connection judiciously and decided to give it for half-a-day, post-lunch. Then only they realized Ramprasaths and Bharathirajas (the names used here are just for illustration purposes:-)) sitting next to each other were chatting on yahoo messenger and killing the organization's 50% productivity. Then, within a week itself, internet scheme was cancelled forever (unlike the bonus schemes cancelled by Jayalalitha, which was given back after some time with reduced rates). After that, we could never get it back. As long as I was there, it was only the privileged ones who were using and misusing that, with special permissions. I don't know how it is currently. This is the power of people in democracy. They can screw up any good thing within no time, out of over-enthusiasm.:-)

All we know is that Moses is a character in Bible. Moses is a prophet who is owned by all - Jews, Christians and Muslims. Musa (as he is called in Qur'an) is the most recognized prophet in Islam too. According to Bible, he is known for bringing people out of slavery in Egypt (as did our Moses by providing internet connection to all of us) and he lived for 120 years. It seems, the maximum age for Noah's descendants is supposed to be 120 and that's why Jews commonly wish "May you live to 120". Let's also wish Moses, our SHoW on his wedding eve - "may you live to 120 with Joy" and try to make him more joyful tomorrow by attending the wedding.

His SHoW name would be Mr. Joy. Mr. Moses becomes Mr. Joy when Ms. Joy becomes Mrs. Moses.

Cumulative Summary:

1. Raghuraman Kadambi (Mr. Heartthrob)
2. Padmanaban VP (Mr. Padhu Jackson)
3. Sri Gopal De Lalgudi (Mr. Business Magnet)
4. Arun Kumar Mishra (Mr. Great Wall of Microsoft)
5. Radhakrishna Da Magane (Mr. Mannina Maga)
6. Kinshuk Banerjee (Mr. Dada Boy)
7. Iqbal (Mr. Manjunath)
8. Bimalendu de De (Mr. Dumeel)
9. Vinod DB (Mr. RDBMS)
10. Rabijit (Mr. Cool)
11. Suresh Lakshmanan (Mr. Dance Dance)
12. Umashankar (Mr. Umma)
13. Suresh Ramaswamy (Mr. Noble)
14. Satyajit Kunjur (Mr. Simple)
15. Sateesh Kumar Ayyapu Setty (Mr. Okke Okkadu)
16. CM Gururaj (Mr. G ji)
17. Arul Benjamin (Mr. Big Brother)
18. Vijayakumar Ponnuswamy (Mr. Courageous)
19. Shree Vidhya Sharma (Ms. Perfectionist)
20. Moses (Mr. Joy)

Those who have no clue about what this SHoW business is all about, please refer for the history and geography of it...

Thanks & Regards,
e-BOG (ex BCians Oscar Group)


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