Good SHoW-9

DBAs, Programmers and Others,

Thought of SHoWing on the site itself. But long way to go... for that!

What is the difference between DBMS and RDBMS?

As per the CODD rules... sorry I don't know them. But I know there are no hard rules to differentiate them. If you pay 10K per hour, Ram JethMalani might prove that dbase is an RDBMS and Oracle is a DBMS. With the little knowledge (almost zero) I have, I conclude here by saying any DBMS that has relationships is an RDBMS. So the relationship is the key, primary key.

Is Vinod DB a DBMS or an RDMBS?

Going by the cord rules, "yes", he is an RDBMS, because he maintains and helps people maintain relationships.

What is "cord rules"?

The relationship between ex BCians is an umbilical cord relationship.

He has hosted the web site to keep us all connected. DB (FYI - he is not Vinod DB, he is just Vinodb) is fully loaded with tons of data and the amount of communications he has with the outside world is immense. If there was no DB, telephone departments in this country would be running at loss. Our heartthrob Raghu used to tell, the only way to end the call with DB is, the battery should go low or you should say "hello... hello... hello... shit... this hutch connection is always like this, very bad" and cut it abruptly. So this trick won't work any more, because he knows it now.

He is one enthusiastic counter part of Kinshuk in the "men" category. Opposite to "men" is "boys" here, not "women". He actively participates in any initiative that we take. He spent substantial amount of his life time in BC, starting his career with Mfg/Pro and then moved on to Oracle DB team. He is now with Ramalinga Raju, CEO, Satyam.

We were all wondering why this fellow was keeping quiet like this... he has made a wonderful come back with a major bang. Good SHoW DB! Wish you many more happy returns of the day. BTW - today is not his birthday, just wishing for many happy returns of SHoW (Super Hero of the Week) day.

Cumulative Summary:

1. Raghuraman Kadambi (Mr. Heartthrob)
2. Padmanaban VP (Mr. Padhu Jackson)
3. Sri Gopal De Lalgudi (Mr. Business Magnet)
4. Arun Kumar Mishra (Mr. Great Wall of Microsoft)
5. Radhakrishna Da Magane (Mr. Mannina Maga)
6. Kinshuk Banerjee (Mr. Dada Boy)
7. Iqbal (Mr. Manjunath)
8. Bimalendu de De (Mr. Dumeel)
9. Vinod DB (Mr. RDBMS)

Those who have no clue about what this SHoW business is all about, please refer for the history and geography of it...

Thanks & Regards,
e-BOG (ex BCians Oscar Group)


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