Good SHoW-6

Thick & Thin... "Kith & Kin" (Means "Friends & Relatives"),

"Does the 'dada' of Indian cricket deserve a place in the team?"

"No comments!"

It's no more a cricketing issue. It's become one of the regional and political issues to be discussed in the parliament of the nation, which is supposed to be the most valuable premises of any country, which should be taking decisions that concerns the country.

Irrespective of that, our answer is a strong "YES" (in capital, bold and within quotes) if some one asks "does the 'dada' of ex BCians deserve a SHoW (Super Hero of the Week)?" (No one can keep you out if you consistently perform in all occasions!)

Might be, as we discussed, he doesn't deserve the word "dada", because he is as young as the New Year! So we shall call him "Mr. Dada Boy"...

I remember 2 years back once when I said Kinshuk, "Ganguly plays more politics in Indian cricket than cricket on the field", he said "He is a Bengali. Politics is in our blood!" It's so sad to see a politician himself falling pray to politics now.

Having said that, I should also say that I have never seen politics in our dada boy's blood. I have always known him as a dedicated, hard working and talkative professional. He works hard and talks soft. He is known for both quantity and quality in his work as well as talk. He has always been an active member in anything that he is involved in (just like in our ex BCians group). He doesn't like to be a passive member even in smoking. He brings excessive energy to the table (no matter what table - be it discussion table or drinking table). As we know, passion and energy are the user id and password for success (Kin has the Administrator rights)!

Good SHoW young man! Good SHoW!

Usually people give surprise visits. Your visit (presence) has never been a surprise. Only your absence was a surprise, last time when we met. This group owes a lot to you for keeping us busy and entertained at all times.

As you yourself claim, you started as a timid tester in BC and become a module lead and got accolades from Americans for your great contributions (it's important to say that here though we don't think Americans are any different from others. But you are!).

Of late, his domain expertise in flirting seems to have got the historical best and talks a lot about girls and romance. Just now when I spoke to him he said "I am crowded with girls. The grand total has reached 5". It's really a GRAND total. Do you think there should be any other reason to make him the SHoW?

Our best wishes are always with you - please go ahead and master all domains and achieve the best possible!!!

Cumulative Summary:

1. Raghuraman Kadambi (Mr. Heartthrob)
2. Padmanaban VP (Mr. Padhu Jackson)
3. Sri Gopal De Lalgudi (Mr. Business Magnet)
4. Arun Kumar Mishra (Mr. Great Wall of Microsoft)
5. Radhakrishna Da Magane (Mr. Mannina Maga)
6. Kinshuk Banerjee (Mr. Dada Boy)

Those who have no clue about what this SHoW business is all about, please refer for the history and geography of it...

Thanks & Regards,
e-BOG (ex BCians Oscar Group)


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