HOW and SHoW

The passion for writing was alive. But, there was no explicit need to do that nor was the kind of bread-winning business that I got into allowed me to write anything other than Visual Basic code. For some time, kept convincing me saying writing VB code also was as good as writing what I liked to write otherwise. Some times in the nights, when others were not around, scribbled whatever came to mind in whatever one-sided papers that I had access to. But, as the famous saying goes when could not find a way decided make one. That is how the HOW stuff was born. HOW stands for Hero Of the Week. Where? In Blue Chip, shortly called as BC by its lazy employees, who were otherwise filled with eccentric energy and fun. The place which brought out the best of me with the help of life-time associates like Gopal, Raghuraman, Sandy kind of people. Just to keep sawing the saw so that it didn't get rust, started writing whatever non-sense was possible. Fun is all about being non-sensical. Analysis of sense and non-sense leads to only frown faces with reduced life time. Started off felicitating colleagues for their small small achievements by crowning them HOW. Achievements were not just small, but also silly many times. Again, no further analysis on them. What we ended up having was, people were not leaving office on week-ends unless the HOW mail reached their inbox. It also coincided with Friday cricket. After playing hard, they came to seat, had more fun and packed for the week-ends. It went on for more than 20 weeks and got stopped somewhere during the course, may be after the recession ended and work started pouring in I guess. But, time went on. Jumped companies. When there is too much time during the induction period after the second jump now, thought of reviving it with a different name, much like the post-globalization products today. Now, takes birth the SHoW. Super Hero of the Week. No better way than connecting with most of the BCians who are ex BCians today...


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