No more rooster crowing dawns
Now it's all timepiece alarms

No more innocent people around
Who come screaming to help
Even if slipped on a stone...

The more civilized people here
Just shed a sympathetic look
And move on unmoved
Even if hit by a car!

Looks like
The air pollution
And noise pollution
Have damaged their hearts!

Everyone has their commitments
So no one can take deviations

I have always wondered
Why only country brute and no city brute
Why only urbane and no rurale
When villagers are way better in humanity

The Indian answer to the English questions is...
Because... there is no indecency of inquiring caste here!

Then... long live urbanism!

* Wrote after my first week in Chennai in May 98.


  1. Hmm... Thanks for the comment, Deepak. :)

  2. Thank you sir. When I was writing this, I was repeated reminded about your "Are you a brahmin?" experience in Chennai. :)

    We can say, it's lesser in cities.


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