India - After 50 Years

* Written in 1998

The golden jubilee of Indian independence is being celebrated across the nation.

The meaning of two words freedom and sacrifice have changed over time in our dictionaries.

Poverty and corruption are still playing without losing their wickets.

There is no light in the houses of those who till, sow, cultivate and produce food for all of us.

There is more vacancies in the police department as those who realized 'there is no value for hard work' have changed their profession.

The unemployed youth are leading from the front in managing the communal clashes.

The useless education system has created animals, which has lead to ragging deaths in campuses.

In a country that has not fulfilled even the basic needs of its citizens, there is a lot of celebration for atom bomb testing. Even the ones that have not got their share of basics are joining the celebrations not knowing what it means to them.

The word politician has become synonymous to criminal.

The sum of the expenses spent on inquiring corruptions has exceeded the amount of corruption itself. Hope it doesn't exceed the total debt of the nation some day.

* From the 1998 diary...


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