Government Job: Rights and Responsibilities!

* Written 13 years back...

Everyone wants to somehow get into a government job these days. Somehow! If they run from pillar to post, identify an influential politician, fall on his feet, pay him some huge amount and get into a government job, they don't have to worry about anything forever. Forever! Reasons are many. 1. Work or not work... salary is assured. 2. You can cheat the society by speaking communism and employee welfare while leading a peaceful life. 3. A government job will fetch plenty of dowry.

There is no respect for hard work here. The capitalists have looted the country and made it a waste land in last 50 years. Some of the saviors of working class take huge bribes from their industrialist enemies and play their double games so flawlessly. They lead luxurious lives inside and are respected for their simplicity by their followers outside.

Next... the teachers... Some of them are worse than the industrialists. Since things like financing to fellow teachers, chit funds and many other lucrative businesses have become their main business, teaching has become a side business for them. Some of them go to work regularly just to ensure that there is no impact on these other businesses. That's the only motivation that brings them to their work places.

The public servants (such a meaningless term!) in banks, post offices and other government institutions that are in direct contact with public are so arrogant that we get shivering when we go close to their offices. They change their face as if we asked them for some share in their ancestral property. Arrogant buggers!

Increments in regular intervals... Permanent job... No accountability... So, they think they could do anything and still get away. More than all these, they can do multiple businesses. Which private profession offers this flexibility?!

Some time back, some bus conductors used to bark like dog if there was more crowd in the buses. Even the drivers used to accelerate without stopping if there was big crowds in bus stops. Now, they get bonus based on the number of people traveled and revenue generated. Profit sharing! It has changed their attitude upside down now. If something like this is done in all the above places also, the situation might get better.

The most complicated of them all is the bonus system for teachers. Just imagine how would it be if the teachers are paid based on their students' performance. Performance means??? Not just the marks. If you say marks, my god... I can't imagine what kind of harassment the younger ones will have to go through. Not only that, then there also corruption will find its place. Let's look at something like this. The teachers have to be paid based on the success of their students - from those students' money itself (I mean, after they start earning!)... throughout their life. Isn't it super? Let me leave it for the contemplation of the concerned people...

* You may wonder, 'Why the heck is this fellow finding fault with everyone around?!'. That's why I keep using words such as 'most', 'some', 'few', etc. very carefully everywhere. If you are a decent public servant that doesn't behave like this, please ignore this as it's not meant for you. You can even be proud about it. We the people are all proud of people like you - always!

* From the 1998 diary...


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