Same Gray

Better than me?
Can't manage!
Don't want to be the worse!

Worse than me?
Can't manage!
Don't want to be with the worse!

Keep looking for...
Those as good as me
Those as bad as me
Not better than me
Not worse than me
Same amount of black
Same amount of white
Same amount of gray

Even the few
As gray as me
Don't remain as-is
As long as too long

Even if they remain so
Either I don't let them be so
Or they don't let me be so

Have never seen two same grays!
Every gray is unique!


  1. I am red one day, I am black the other, I am grey one day and white another...and yet they say, I am the same dirty %*^*^ :D

    Let them say, the only thing they possess is a tongue!

  2. Hmm... Color-blinds, they should be! :)

  3. dark gray and i hate competition ;)


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