You never have to demand anything
Your interests will be protected
If you are from majority

If you tell us what you want
Your interests will be protected
If you are from minority

Your noises
Will fall on deaf ears
If you are from a minority
Wearing the hat of majority

Your noises
Will fall on dead ears
If you are from a minority
So less in availability
Not even having audibility


  1. Ah that hurt! Politicians know and play these cards so well....Once I read a blog post on Majority Minority. The blogger had explained how on a two track railway station, a girl who was playing on the not-in-use track and a bunch of kids were playing on the in-use track. So, the train, to save the kids, took the non-in-use track and killed the girl instead, because its only one girl while rest are a bunch of kids :) i.e. majority...

    This may lead to train crashing, because the track is not-in-use....and why should the girl pay the price of being alone, when she was actually right to play on the not-in-use track.


  2. Nice illustration, Chintan! And, the moment I say majority-minority, most of us just look at it from the perspective of religion. One needs to go beyond that to understand this equation correctly.

  3. A hard truth told in few simple lines. Excellent work!

  4. What if the majority are fools? Will the minority suffer?
    Or if minority is appeased too much, the majority will suffer.
    First we need to disregard the lines of measurement. Every soul is a human being. Thinking on that lines, many problem would be solved.
    Good lines

  5. I was wondering how come there was no comment from you on this. ;-)

    The third stanza was to answer your question. No government has appeased minority and hurt majorities. Majority has never been fools. It has been getting everything it wants. It's only a negligible part of majority that gets ignored always. The problem is, these people claim that they speak for the majority and speak about things that do not interest the majority at all. They are not real representatives of the majority. They just try to use the majority under that banner. I know you won't agree with me on this, but this is what I feel about this whole issue. :)

    Tell me, Is reservation minority appeasement? Is waiver of loans minority appeasement? Is cash for vote minority appeasement? It's all majority appeasement! We call it 'populism'. This nation is neither anti-majority nor anti-minority. Worst case - you can call it anti-people, not anything particular! :)

    You will agree with me if you look at it from other perspectives as well. Unfortunately, these terms only mean religion in India today. :(


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