Well begun is half done...

There are millions of things that happen to us and billions of things that we happen to think about. Thinking (about anything) is one thing that has never tired me. It's nice to have someone who will understand and appreciate EVERYTHING that you talk about. Isn't that too much to expect in this world? It may not be possible even in Utopia. Out of all that I come across and think about, there may be thousands of things that I discuss with friends, enemies, relatives and the ones who don't fall in any of these categories. The act of thinking, which is supposed to be a lazy man's act (mind you, there is no action involved!), is fed by the innumerable observations that he makes every nano-second in his existence. I am driven crazy by the observations that I make everyday. I love observing people and their odd and even behaviors. When the innumerable - intensive observations taught me that there is nobody who could listen to EVERYTHING that I talk about, the habit of writing diary got introduced to me. I talk to my diary about anything that will reduce my burden. It doesn't mistake me, doesn't argue with me, doesn't gossip about me and never laughs at me. At the same time, being the best listener I have ever seen, it gives me the satisfaction of having told whatever I wanted to. If I had not met this fellow, I would have been one of the notorious gossipers around.

However, when I came across the habit of blogging, that also seemed to excite me. It seems to be a good blend of diary writing as well as journalism. There were times when my life time ambition was to become a poet, then a short story writer, then a novelist, then a philosopher and then just a writer, who can write ANYTHING. Writing in journals had its share of rejections and editions, which I have always not been comfortable with. I am OK with customizing and tailoring to the customer's needs in my profession, but not in something that I am passionate about.

I am starting a new journey now hoping that this will allow me to talk about ANYTHING that I want to (this is possible in diary, but not in journalism), help me reach people (this is possible in journalism, but not in diary) without losing the originality without any editing (this is not possible in journalism). Above all there wonýt be any embarrassing experiences because I will not have to notice anybody sleeping or busy thinking about something else when I keep blabbering what is important to me!


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