Government Office

Sometime back, I went to a private company for some document submission.

The guy there said sweetly, "Sir, this shouldn't have been printed back to back. No problem. Please give me".

I still asked for the policy document which said it shouldn't be printed back to back.

Time to pay back... Today, I went to a government office for some work.

The guy there was very angry, "Hello, you shouldn't have printed this back to back. Get it printed on separate pages and come".

I said, "OK, sir" (the point is, he is not even the 'sir'), ran back to the printing shop, scolded the guy for not knowing this simple thing and printed it on separate pages and ran back to the government office.

Another guy sitting in the same place now, "Hello, who asked you to print this in separate pages? You should print it back to back as per the process. If you don't know ask people", with the same artificial angry face.

I said, "OK, sir" very politely and handed him the previous one I had, feeling guilty for scolding the printing shop guy without knowing how government offices operate.

The guy seems to be still unhappy about something. "Back to back is okay. Tell me where you got this format. It's not as per the process".

What do I do now??? Ask for the process document??? :)



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