Madness of Parenthood

The circle first drawn by marriage
Shrinks further when there is a new arrival

Marriage is the beginning of imposed selfishness
Childbirth is the beginning of unconscious selfishness

It's a magic that would make your house your world
Even if you are someone who thinks the world is very small

It's the only purpose of many lives
Even for the ones that decided to end themselves long back

It's a fleshy magnet that would attract you to even fire
Even if you are someone scared of seeing fire in picture

You would even kill yourself
To save its life and to bring it out safe
Which you would do for no one else and nothing else

"I will give my life"
A statement youngsters make out of madness
Not knowing what it means in real sense
That's madness of love!

Action speaks louder than words
If you have to do it for your child...
You wouldn't say that but do it!

Even this is a state of madness... madness of parenthood!

* Again, a translated version so the quality is compromised! :(


  1. It was originally in some other language but as I read only this, I feel it is nice.

    A strong expression of life!

  2. Thanks Saru. Most of the times, I feel so when I do translations. Good if it is still nice. :)

  3. Wonderful poem. The soul of the poem is hard-hitting reality.

  4. Wonderfully written.. THe second stanza was too good, beginning of the unconscious selfishness.
    Today people are often heard speaking of "giving up their lives for others" But as you say, Actions speak louder than words.

    Really good!

  5. translations are difficult because the words we may still find but the soul sometimes is lost when it moves from expression in one language to another. but here it isn't the case. the essence can be felt by the reader. was this originally in Tamil?

  6. @Ashwini, Thanks a lot. Very glad that it's received better than I thought. :)

  7. @Sujatha, Thanks a ton. I had to put that foot note because I was not comfortable after translating it. Very happy that so many of you have confirmed that it's not lost its soul after translation.

    Yeah, I had written it in Tamil originally.

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks for the visit and the comment, Ria. :)


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