Modern Arts

I have never been able to understand what is being called Modern Arts. I only used to wonder why these people harass us by drawing such vague stuff and expecting us to understand and enjoy them. When I see people that get excited looking at such pictures, I used to doubt them. I even used to wonder if they really understood them or were just pretending so to show off. But, this is how all forms of inability are exhibited, right? It's just a normal way of expressing the jealousy. Once I realized that, I wanted to understand them at any cost. But, I couldn't. OK. I wanted to at least understand why they draw like that. When I squeezed my brain to understand, this is what is the outcome...

In olden days, the artists' job was to draw pictures with exact resemblance. They should even look more real than the reality itself. So, what they were doing was the same job that cameras are doing today. The kings and rich who wanted their pictures to be alive even after their lifetime called such artists, paid them huge money, made them draw their pictures and enjoyed it. Now that there are cameras and computers to do that, what is left for them to do? So, they have to do something new and innovative. That pressure - the necessity to do something that cameras cannot do, has resulted in the invention of modern arts. Necessity is the mother of another invention! It would take some time for the computers to become intelligent enough to draw modern arts. Until then the artists can continue to do what they are doing now. Before that, they will have to invent some new forms of drawing, too.

When I look at these pictures, they look like a child's scribbling. But, I know that they are creations that look immature but are actually more mature than the ones that can't understand it. Maturity may be a wrong word here. We may say that those artists are in a different level of thinking than ours. Some people speak and write in a way that others can't understand. Even they sound like a child's babbling to most of us who can't understand. It's just like that. It doesn't mean that they are not intelligent enough. It only means that we haven't understood the tricks of understanding them. For someone like me who can't even understand the mystery in Monalisa's smile, it may take too long to understand all these.

Another thing that I don't understand in these modern arts is that half of these pictures are about nudity. I am not sure if they are same as the other glamorous things that are added to all creative stuff or if there is any other significance. Please explain me in the Comments if there is any expert around. Let me see if it helps my mediocre brain understand them. Just like in literature, even in this, there are a lot of isms. Modernism, Post-Modernism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, etc. Just like in literature, even here, I don't understand what they mean. But, just like there, I know that there are people who get maddened by these here also. On one hand, I want to become one of them. On the other hand, I am wondering if it is all worth it.

There was a time when I wanted be a jack of all. I didn't want to leave anything as impossible or not interesting. I used to do a lot of bird's eye viewing. Then at some point in time, a new wisdom dawned on me, which said, "It's not wise to get into everything that comes your way; do only what interests you and leave the rest to others!". It is because of that wisdom that I don't break my head to understand modern arts. But, this question has been haunting me - Should I leave them like that as someone else's cup of coffee or is there something that I would miss by doing so, which no one born on this planet should do?

What are your views? :)


  1. |urn| Arts should be. 'Mod' of mathematics. So, Arts of that form an empty urn! Just value.
    Even I cannot empathize with the feelings or the title given on the Art.
    Gone are the times of Ravi Verma who could not err for a small stroke. Now many such errors is a form of art.
    I second your thoughts on this topic.

  2. Thanks for reading and backing my view, Sahana. :)


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