Old is Gold! New is?

Every time
I hear the songs of the soil
They make me go mad
I feel like dancing
In the center of the streets

The drum sound
Heard in childhood
The anklet sound
Of all forms of traditional dance
Discordant voices
Of folk singers
All of these
Make me nostalgic

The old songs
I hear partly
Closing the ears
In cold breeze
During night travels
Make me crazy

Even then
I am not convinced
With the complaint
Old is cooler than new

Old is gold
It's cold, too

Old is always great
Even that was new once
And it came before the new

Even that is a kind of gratitude
Does it become
Slavery at times?

I am not okay
With only old being gold

Just like
Saying only new is kewl...


  1. Superlike it, especially the lines, 'Even that was new once, And it came before the new'. OLD IS GOLD:)

  2. old becomes treasure;
    new is our pleasure;
    its our choice to measure..
    the treasure or pleasure!!
    by sowmya..
    when i read ur poem some lines stroke my brain...
    thats y i wrote it here!! :)
    nice concept...different view!!
    keep writing & smiling always...:)

  3. Thanks Sowmya. You have actually completed what I started.

  4. Words truly came from your mind...


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