Write, Write, and Write...

There are winners and losers in all walks of life. There is also another group of people. Those who have all the talents to succeed in a particular line of work but never made any attempt to do something about it. There are many reasons. It could be laziness. It could be timelessness. It could be the issue of not knowing one's own abilities. A reason for that could be that the time they have is enough for their regular work. Unlike in some developed countries, our education and profession are not decided based on our talent and interest. The reason for that is our economic condition.

All those who are enjoying the success are not enjoying their own success alone. It includes that of those who never tried also. Their inability to try shouldn't demean those who tried and succeeded. That is the price they give for not trying. This is the prize that the ones who tried got. All we are trying to do here is to wake up the ones that never tried and not degrade the success of the ones who tried. Not only that, by making all those who never tried try, we could raise the overall standard. May be, those who have won today would have won more convincingly. Just because there was no good competition, they might have stayed complacent. As per the laws of consumerism, due to the less participation and competition it is the users that lost. Had everyone participated, may be, we would have got the benefits by 20-30 years earlier. Isn't it a wonderful thing?!

Even the writing world is not exception to this law. Today, after the concept of blogging came, the whole view about writing has been revolutionized. "Where were these people all these days?" is the painful question that arises out of the pain of having missed so much for so long. Quest for the answers to these questions has become inevitable - "What is keeping them away from the limelight? What is keeping them away from the title of 'writer'?".

One group of people can't even imagine doing anything other than what they are doing as their mainstream profession. Or, we can say that they have no time for all these. They may get some time that they wanted all along before or after it becomes too late. It's good if they do before. Else, they have to find their ways to make some time for all these.

There is another group of people that just write for the sake of their own satisfaction and to read this to the loved ones and the ones in close circles and get whatever appreciation they could get from them. They don't go beyond that. They are not interested or are hesitant to do that.

Another group of people have been writing volumes without even knowing their true potential. They wonder if what they write could be called writing. These are the people that have to be dragged inside immediately. I think it is easy to infuse confidence into people that have everything but that. The benefits of doing that are as huge as mountain.

There is another group of people who write in a manner that only some can understand and not all. They lose their confidence and abandon the habit of writing just by getting stuck with wrong people as they don't know where their real readers are. Before they lose confidence, even if they get a single reader or a leader, they are saved. Their life will go on. It may go on to any height.

I have a very simple tip. When you read someone's writing, if you frequently feel, "What crap is this guy writing? All non-sense!", then it just means that you have a hidden talent to write better than him. Everything else will fall in place automatically. If you are feeling that right now, then you have a very strong reason to start blogging right away. :)

If you are someone who thinks, "Who has the patience to write such huge volumes?", then I don't think I have anything to offer you. Just try to comment in few lines about everything that you read. If you think lines are too much, then try in words. Even that could take you somewhere. You never know...

So, all I wish is that all readers should not remain just readers. They should also attempt writing about whatever they feel like. Even if there is nothing new, you could just discuss (in writing) about what you have read. It would be a good starting point. You can write diary everyday. If you just try writing like that in any form that is possible for you, there are two benefits. One, your writing skills would get sharpened. If you are asking, "What will I gain by doing it?", OK, then leave it. There is one more benefit. Your thinking itself will get sharpened. Is there anyone on earth who is not interested in sharpening the thinking?

So, All I request you to do on this wonderful Saturday night (all Saturday nights are wonderful, right?) is - just start to Write, Write, and Write...


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