Food, Football and Corruption

Football World Cup is not our cup of coffee. We love Cricket like mad. We don't like playing any other games, though we love watching many of them. Why? Does it have any connection with our way of life? Food habits? May be. That is another reason why we are not able to produce a Shoiab Akhtar or a Brett Lee in Cricket too. Any game demands a lot of physical energy, Stamina. It is scientific that we are last on that. Vegetarian is healthier, but not stronger.

So, when will we start playing football with the same amount of madness? Only when the Non Vegetarians start coming closer to football grounds. Who is preventing them from coming to football grounds? Cricket. Why? Those who had playing in the evening as one of the daily routines were all Vegetarians. They only introduce us to any game. They introduced only Cricket to us. It has gone into our veins now. Now if we have to park our bicycles or bikes in the football ground that should become superior in image than Cricket. When would that happen? May be, when those who eat only vegetarian start eating meat and start playing football.

Is it worth? No, in my opinion. Vegetarianism as way of life was a gift to the world by us. May be, they have not accepted it yet. It is noble to value a life, that too, a nonhuman life. 'Valuing a nonhuman life because my parents taught me that and not caring for the human life so much for my livelihood because they didn't teach me that' is out of scope in this discussion.

When everyone enjoys looking at the wild animals in Bhannerghatta grand safari, I start worrying about the cattle being killed to feed them. What a cruel creation or nature it is. Your livelihood is in question if someone else is not killed. The scene of tiger chasing the deer that I saw in Discovery channel years ago is still haunting me. 'Do I deserve to write about it?' is another question. I at least feel bad for few minutes. So, I deserve I think!

So, the moral of the story(!) is, we don’t mind being 100+ or 200+ in football ranking as long as we can pride ourselves with the world’s first rank in Vegetarianism. There is much more rankings to be worried about than both the above. One of them the Corruption Rank. We are at 64. If we can push this down, just one below the football rank, that would be a great achievement to end the first decade of the millennium.

And, that corruption ranges from food (may be both vegetarian and non vegetarian) to sports.


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